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Five solutions for eyebrows

25 June 2021

Whether your brows are big bushy, long skinny, barely-there, thin, arched, rounded, tapered or straight, the impact of losing your eyebrows due to treatment can often be overlooked until it starts happening.

When the answer to the question of “will I lose my hair” is yes, most people’s first thought is losing the hair on their head. Even if you’re thinking of cold capping as a way to deal with hair loss from your head, eyebrows are not able to be saved by this procedure.

However, knowing how to get your best brows back before you even lose them can make a big difference to your hair loss experience. So if you’re looking to make your brow game strong, we’ve put together our top five tips to better brows when dealing with hair loss.

Some of these techniques may seem like they require the skills of a makeup artist, but don’t let that discourage you. Some techniques you will find more straightforward than others, and each process will become easier the more you do it.

Georgie Eisdell, celebrity make-up artist, shares her tips and product suggestions with the iCANmovement. 

“The first thing I suggest, if you’re concerned about your brows, thinning or falling out altogether, is to start practising filling out your brows now. While you still have your natural brows, it will be easier to trace and create a muscle memory of the shape. So grab a brow pencil or brush and spend some time getting to know the natural shape of your brow. Once you’ve practised enough times, you’ll be able to more easily replicate the shape when it comes to drawing them on,” Georgie suggests.


Microblading is an excellent option for replacing brows. Microblading is a form of tattooing that mimics eyebrow hair, creating a soft and natural-looking brow. These brows generally last up to three years and often need a follow-up appointment within six weeks. 

When it comes to microblading, be sure to check with your multidisciplinary team beforehand and make sure you choose somewhere reputable and hygienic. 

It’s important to note that the procedure is not recommended during or directly before cancer treatment due to the increased risk of infection. If microblading is something you want to try before treatment it’s recommended you speak to your doctor or care team before undergoing the procedure.

Eyebrow wigs 

If you’ve already started to lose your eyebrows, a wig is an effective option to mimic natural brows. Similar to how you might apply false eyelashes, these simple stick-on brows allow for a short-term solution to losing your eyebrows.

Just like wigs for the scalp, there are varying degrees of quality when it comes to brow wigs, along with the effectiveness of the glue. The brow wigs last around three months and are not recommended for wearing in water.

Eyebrow stencils

Another great temporary solution for loss of brow hair is an eyebrow stencil. Brow stencils, as the name says, are flexible sheets of plastic providing a template that helps to create or shape your perfect arch with minimal effort.

Brow stencils can be bought separately or as a kit including pomade and applicator brushes. Some brow kits also offer waterproof and sweatproof brow pomade.

Discover some of the best eyebrow stencils and kits at Cosmopolitan.  

Draw on; pencil

Eyebrow pencils can be a simple and affordable way for anyone looking to recreate the effect of their natural brow. It’s also a great option if you are looking for something that offers a quick and easy application.

If you have a chance, spend some time drawing over your natural eyebrows every day so you learn their shape and position. There are plenty of tutorials out there that will go through the steps to creating just-right brows.

Draw on; semi-permanent waterproof brow gel

Once you’ve mastered your drawn eyebrow you might want to move to a longer-lasting option. Waterproof brow gels are an ideal product for days when you might sweat more than usual, spending time in water or showering.

Designed to last up to two days the gels can be applied just like a pen or pomade and are smudge-proof and transfer-proof.

Find your brow confidence

Whether you choose to try a temporary product or go with a more permanent solution, there’s a way to get those natural-looking brows back.

If you’re not confident in recreating your own eyebrows, consider consulting a brow expert. They’ll be able to help draw the shape that reflects your natural brow and suits your personal style.



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