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Welcome to the iCANmovement

The iCANmovement is a wellness initiative for anyone impacted by cancer. Together with you and the experience of others, our ultimate goal is to provide guidance by helping answer the endless questions that follow a cancer diagnosis.

Cancer may be a place you haven’t been before, but at the iCANmovement we want you to know that you are not alone. Navigating a diagnosis can often be overwhelming and confusing. We want to bring information surrounding a diagnosis to one central place – a safe, uplifting, supportive, inclusive and inspirational place.

Our story

Louise was and will forever be our inspiration. She was an endless optimist and when she passed away in January 2019, the iCANmovement seemed impossible to continue.

Louise had started an inspirational movement encouraging others to ‘look good, feel good, in treatment and beyond’. Through hours of exhausting research she was able to change her mindset, which in turn improved her body, mind and soul. Louise had terminal cancer but she was determined that it wouldn’t define her.

If the current statistics are correct, one in two people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. We can’t change a cancer diagnosis but we can change the way we all live with that diagnosis.

During her treatment, Louise wrote, “I missed being part of the world, and some days I missed myself”.

Where do we go from here?

Louise’s sister Elysia, together with friends and family are slowly creating the iCANmovement. Louise has a story, but that is just one person’s story. Together with your help, and lived experiences, we want to build the iCANmovement into the destination Louise dreamt it to be.

Supporting the community

The iCANmovement is a for-profit initiative. Transparency is something we highly value. At the moment, the iCANmovement is self-funded with all future profits (we are dreaming big!) being invested back into the cancer community.

Our motivation is simple – we want the iCANmovement and the information it provides to always be accessible to everyone who needs it – for free.

Our inspiration

Louise DeCelis

Meet our team

Elysia decelis headshot

Louise's sister

Elysia McConkey

nicole watts headshot

Elysia's friend

Nicole Watts

Jon McConkey headshot

Elysia's husband

Jon McConkey

Dominic Byrne​ headshot

Louise's husband

Dominic Byrne​

Georgie Eisdell headshot

Louise's friend

Georgie Eisdell

Founding contributors

Thank you to our founding contributors for your invaluable support. Without it, we wouldn’t be here.

Business support

Les DeCelis

Branding strategy

Amy Cadwallader

Editorial services

Georgia Cassimatis

Editorial support

Jacinta Tynan

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Content & community engagement

Luan Lawrenson-Woods

Editing services

Felicity Lewis

Information & design support

Deb Shaw

Editorial services

Libby-Jane Charleston